Lips Of Life - Poem by i am the same poet shokat habib

Stop, hold this mind still
look into this face of void

rivers of sadness are dry
beds are ragged and cracked

throb of faith has vanished
dire state of nakedness stands

before a nothing in nothingness
man lost to the last loving light

machine without purpose ambles on
for a penny sold to greedy darkness

empty of respect, lost in shambles
void of hope, love, breath and trust

alone so very alone and unworthy
the being is but is not in the now

surely the river somewhere must ripple
yes somewhere it trickles in soft music

with a distant rhythm, throb by throb
am nothing in a raw stone virgin of light

buried in a grave of empty cleverness
proud in a knowledge weaved by a web

so strong that ensnares light of life
being screams who/ what/ am I/ why

am what was to be/ a beat in a soul
be within happy/ without empty and dull

a throbbing lamb ambling with the shepherd
native of this earth but yet nothing/ a space

only the spirit breath and in body is not
breath is the light of love/ love is life

truth is life/ life is love/love is hope
a dew on the loving singing lips of life

by shokat habib

Poems by i am the same poet shokat habib

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