Beauty - Poem by James Halliburton

I believe that beauty is infinite as the sky
After all what more is beauty
Than what attracts the eye
Clouds across the heavens as far as one can see
No two are quite alike, and nothing is more free
And just beyond the horizon across the waves due east
The morning sun is now at dawn
My soul is so at peace
And as I walk along the beach I hear the sounds of love
A mockingbird is what I heard
With the innocence of a dove
You’re all that’s on my mind
I haven’t a single care
One flower for every thought
And the garden would be bare
For too many years the search has been led
For the cure to feeling blue
Too many tears would have been shed
Over losing someone like you
I’m a beautiful dreamer, creator of fantasies
I dreamt last night you were in my arms
And it was meant to be
A princess born to be a queen
If only life was fair
It’s no hassle to visit my castle
I’d love to take U there
Candle lights and music to slowly pass the hours
And as your perfume fills the room
I can’t help but think of flowers
Red roses are my favorite, the aroma so erotic
So it’s my duty to praise your beauty
Your face is so exotic
All this happened in my mind
My God it seems so real
You’re so warm, sweet and kind
We could talk from now until
That my love is the only way to see the beauty within
To communicate, express and relate
Because you inspire my pen
If too much time should come to pass
Read this and think of me
Close your eyes and make a wish
And that’s how it shall be

Poems by James Halliburton

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