Non-Pareil Beauty - Poem by Omjoy Halder

Thou, the embodiment of rarest beauty,
Can make a man forgetful of all his duty.

The beauty that god has bestowed on thee,
Even the most fanciful in his dream can't see.

Thy glam-our has even power to dazzle in the dark,
Which will surely leave in my heart an indelible mark.

None can easily take his eyes off you,
Thou can surely define beauty anew.

Your slight glance will surely captivate a man's heart,
You are potent enough to dispel all gloom and dirt.
Standing still you will surely be mistaken as a masterly art.

Pray your glamor does not diminish with your age,
Wish in this manner you continue to amaze.

The beauty of your smile beggars description,
Can bring cheer to every sad heart and make all sorrows gone.

You will surely be every man's greatest wealth to treasure,
For happiness by a true beauty none can measure.

You from my mind can recede never,
Will surely occupy a sublime seat in my heart for ever.

Poems by Omjoy Halder

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