Love Poem - Poem by Edmundo Farolan


Ray Charles, tinkling glass, “Jump? ”
To smile again.
White-haired Vodka.
On time, profound: God, call it ashtray,
fat lady, reincarnation of ants and pigeons.
It doesn’t take courage. It takes only…faith. Love?


The man smokes and people are indifferent to him.
Quit school? Pink brush, yellow and red.
The stamps are still in the green book.
Part of the blues.
Sprite soda, in green transparency.
You see? How can it be possible?
Continuity just like spontaneity; cannot reject, crazy?
Smile, more profoundly. “O pato” from Joao Gilberto, that’s it.

Don’t call it prose-poem. Call it me.
Or courage.
Shakesperean “What’s in a name? ”
Fontana de Oro.

One a.m. now.
And the Cuban didn’t understand. He said she loved me.
He didn’t understand when he talked about suicide.
Paged edges – yellow and red, or a red face,
a 19th century face – moustache, turn-of-the-century coat
… and Perez Galdos.

Jones: muted jazz, blues.
The hippy called him bastard.
And the Cuban felt ashamed.
Curtailed electricity.
Long hair and a beard?
Rosy cheeks; the comedians.
For love, for hate.
More words creating puzzles,
jigsaws from fog to airplane landings
and finally, love again.

Love is that strong.

Poems by Edmundo Farolan

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