I Was Suddenly Happy - Poem by Shalom Freedman


Suddenly I was happy
I looked back and knew
I had done much with my life
When I leave the world
There will be a family
Still going on
There will still be Israel
There will be my books
And countless things I have written
There for the world
I will have written and remembered with love
Those I deeply cared about
I will have done something
Maybe even fair to say
‘More than most’
But when I leave the world
I will no longer be
And perhaps too no longer have
Any memory of all this
I will not be
Forever not be- perhaps
Unless God has decided otherwise
And why should I be happy about my own disappearance?
With all I have done
I still will not be
Probably- forever
Now why should I be happy about that?

Poems by Shalom Freedman

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