Days - Poem by Fadwa Daddou Gmiden

everything seems so far away from me
can someone help me in my way
I need someone to stay
would you help me
I need to find better days
I'm going to fight with everything inside
Because this meant to be my life
I'm going to save everything
I must not lose my path again
to smile, to laugh so loud
to find the smile that I have lost
I will save this heart from breaking again
this is the truth I won't let anyone
come near this soul
I will try so hard

I will find the way to take me to my place
I will save my dreams, i will make them seen
I will look afford no can break this hope
this is what I have to do I will make true
this is my life
my chance to make it true
I will find better day and better seen
this is my time you'll see my life

no more sadness just happy faces
no more masks on the faces
I will work so hard to make this life goes on
I will make the days happy and laughs again

Poems by Fadwa Daddou Gmiden

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