My Unforgetable Feelings - Poem by FAHMINA ARJUMAND MISHA

carelessness was at my best
i didn't realize dat i am blessed

i am goinna be a mom soon
life will be full of monsoon

my first meet with the doc
made me feel amazed and shocked

every one has one heart but now i had two
my body was same but has sumthing new

i dont like to eat which is present here
cant stop craving for the sumthing rare

what ever i eat... i get rid
next sec feels the urge to eat

on seeing aaple feels like vomitting
next glance makes the apple mouthwatering

last month i was non vegetarian
no more wanna see fish meat or hen

as i eat enough then the race in me starts
its mine or its babies heart dats beating fast

some smells irritates me
some makes me hyper
some makes me delightful and feel super

now as i realize dat i am blessed
no more carelessness and no more stress

with every change in me MOM i realize
how much you have suffered for me and strived


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