The Wheat Shall Inherit..... - Poem by Hugh Mitchell

The germ of an idea came to me
Watching a botanist on my TV
He said a species could be recognized
as great by how much world it colonized
So though we think it's just a thing we eat
We're actually working for THE WHEAT!

Planting it, growing it
Reaping it, sowing it
Eating our fill
Doing ITS will

The mighty human species (what a pass!)
Brought to its knees by stalks of hairy grass
And when you think about it (use your loaf)
Which is the genius and which the oaf:
- Smug golden acres waving as they grow?
- Or we who make the earth a place of woe?

So when we're finished and our kind is dead
We'll hand things over to our daily BREAD.

Poems by Hugh Mitchell

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