~ The Dancing Woman ~ - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

~ The dancing woman ~


You are like the shadows that hover over me,
will you ever be mine to a dancing spree,
when you walk pass my way,
I start to tremble and marvel so I pray,
will your eyes ever capture me,
so i can admire and yet to see,

You dance like no other,
so some men dont even bother,
I often wonder, when will it be my turn,
so my heart sometimes i feel it burn,
You are the woman in my dreams,
I think some men might often deem,

You are a virturous woman in your own unique dance,
when will I ever trust to enhance,
I am so feeble and weak from your look,
look it how long it took,
you dance like the uniqueness of a magical stick,
how i wish I would of been so confindent as rick,

When you dance a hive of men incline to you,
that i know your dance is so true,
You are my dancing woman of the night,
wont you look my way and consider me tonight,
You are the dancing woman.

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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