~ You Are My Paradise ~ - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

~ You Are My Paradise ~

Thinking, meditating and crossing this
Universe with my imaginations of
your image, of your essence. You
Tell me you dont feel the same
way I do, there is not a day I
dont tell you I dont love you,
You are my paradise, Iam
lost in your paradise, so
mesmorized and oblivious
to my self carne. I love you,
But you dont feel the same
But in the most profound dungeon
of my heart, where my heart is mounted.
There is a lighted voice that tells me
that you, deep inside you really do love
Me, but you havent discovered it, maybe
its becouse of your grand pride of not
allowing no man to conquer you once
Again. Maybe becouse of your before
Vows not to subdue. But I dont give up
that easy, I live what I write, and write
what I feel. I rather be with you in the
bottomless pit filled with carbon but
breathing your all, than to live in paradise
such as the paradise you always talk to me
about. What goes on beyond this box? , Are
you at an emotional high when i tell you my
words? Are you affected by my passion?
Why do you still persist with me? Why
Do you still hang on to me? Why so much sacrifise
and risk to continue on with this peculiar
relationship. I have ran to you so bare and so tired.
What more can I do? I eat every negative critisizm
just to have you with me, but I hang on, and my faith
in you is obious. I am a dreamer, I live in the hope of
these lyrics becoming flesh. I accept and i challenge
the task, my spirit is strong and my will so robust. But I will
wait patiently until i attack the moment, and I will prove
to all mankind that it is possible to live in hope and in visions and dreams
until the awaited manifestations.
My paradise, imaginations have befriended me.
My quest for you had started a long time ago.
You say you dont want to lose me, that you miss me
One day you are so delirious about me and the next
you regret some moments we have shared. I have seen
the core of your being, ppl dont see what i see, how beautiful you are
how glorious is to be at your sight, I dont see your flaws. But I see the
the heavens open and the waters sing when you smile. Above all the
darkness of your past, and before the melancolic dire, there lies the beauty
i had never felt before and even seen.

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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