~ Semenlove ~ - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

Night fowls declare the moons
Desperate invokation of cons-
simated love, the stars dwindle
And prepare for the opening of
Glamor skies, trees ruffle like
Every tree branch wanting to
Embrace a couples desirable
Kiss. As the animals of the
Dark seek to exhibite the
Wonders of two, for it shall
Bring brightness to their
night vision. There in his
Dwelling stead, he lies in
His bed of countless stains,
For his heart is pierced and pours
Nightly from the Despair and desperation of his
Heart. His unique LOVE, the one
Love that comes around once in a
Lifetime..he finds it is in disparity.
His love does not equal...his unrelenting
lovemaddness is not replied and not
Answered by the femile he wants to
Absorb. In his room, where his room
Has been shaken by his heart of a
Howling echo. It reaches every plant,
Every animal, every biological object.
For his echo and vocals effect the birds
To fly and commute with the stars and
The moon to coquet with the sun if all
But one time in the universe.
He lives in hope, and he lives in faith.
For he can still love her by his thoughts
And of his marrow being. His heart erups
A spiritual stream and flow from his
Secreted passion. He is overwhelmed and
Overtaken by the woman of his dream. The
Woman that stirred the throbbing hand
To write the letters of a chronicle two.
What comes out of the human body?
Just like the semen flingers after
Lovemaking. So then does the heart
Opens the floodgates of streams
Of his invisible lady. For the torrent
Forces of ones fortified love..can
Break down the walls of untrust,
The walls of doubt and of the incredule.
Before his life comes to a conclusion.
Will his longing femile ever gonna LOVE

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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