~ My Love Is A Penmanship ~ - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

My love is a penmanship,
My Passion a quill, My
Devosion a feather, My
Loyalty a ballpoint pen,
I write day and night, b
Ut mostley at night, I s
Cribble perpetually, m
Y love Ink perfuses
To the blank pages
That her inbox has
Never known, a book
Of her that only one
Man handwrites.
I ill never stop to n
Arrate the marvels o
F my Dreamlove, a d
Ream love to coexist,
For my unceasing ha
Nd has written the s
Mell of her hair, the
Sabor of her skin, t
He glimmer of her e
Yes, as to the highe
St point of her being
As to the smallest c
Ell of the anatomy c
Ovet, my letters
scratches the c-
Eiling of her habi-
Tat, but i know it h
As scrached the s
Urface of her un
Wanting heart. My
Penwrite, is really
My heart, read my
Dear, find me and
Take every letter
And every word, t
O the chasm of y-
Our heart. Under-
Stand the power
Of my love, It is
In my penmanship
Resolve my riddles
And make your di-
Scernment..a nev-
Erending lovewrite.

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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