Far Away Miles He Abandoned, Far Away Miles Of Grandiose Amor He Came. Ballad 1 - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

With no guilt many miles he left,
With grandiose amor, the lover in pursuit came,
In a boat or by plane, ' why did he curse my heart, she cries out.'
Fleeing from the island of puerto rico, he out to be ashamed.

Marisol, soring in her pain, not a rest in night,
Boring a child, the wound deluged red to the roof ' pain o' coon,
The gentlemen, soflty kissing the doleful to a bright,
Dreamer is not present, but patching when sun sings and moon grooms

He says ' never again my dearest marisol! '
He speaks to her soul, he whispers soflty words of cheer,
The old sinsiter is nowhere to be seen,
Marisol tells the lover of the injury clear,

His amours hover over her, tho she vowels never again,
The gallant man befriends her, she tells him her story,
He learned this out of texts, so he hearkens to her heart,
The instigator of her heart finally found his glory.

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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