~ Under A Veil Of Secret~ Ballad Ii - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

The rendezvous secret they both perched in heart,
She cannot be carne touched, only in coreheart,
She is the shadow that hunts him in this time o hart,
Like the ghost that possess him, ranting from his heart,

He never glances at her, for there is no need,
She fickles in and out, so mysterious and intricate,
But in time of sole-twain, he musters ever spec of her script deed,
The script, the text, the letter, he inhales and is his to fabricate,

The admirer invokes her essence, not of flesh or the touchable
Marisol...you are like the coming of dawn, like a daisy ready for first sight blossom,
You make him a dreamer, the fantasiser, the imagination monarch, invisible reachable
The universe, the heavens take notice of this love of a madrigal afterhour moresome

She has shown him herself; fine woman he says, ' blind lovelines he favour's,
Public reguires hand to hand, but the lover of is the lover of a veil,
Marisol wanders, so many boyish games with a hollow bone,
But her lover has not filled a cup that says, ' love me and want me so we can sail.

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