~miami Expeditions~ Ballad Iii - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

Rolling giant wheels, big truck he drives,
53 foot box of slaver cargo whipping his back,
Insomnia free, heavey eyes and his bunk so cold,
Weather substitute cold, rain, hot, and fog, cargo not in rack.

Miami bound; expedite to his dear marisol,
Three day travel, the big city hates his name,
The driver a dun to multi-race city, exile branded on trucker.
Wishing for an eternal meeting, an outcast, compensate to fame,

Every trip on arrival, during the nocturnal hours and afterhours,
He laments her name, he cries out..marisol im here, spout out
Marisol..the infamous, bound by human guilt, adherance to her conjoined
He grows weary and tiery, not a moneys gain, but a devosions route.

There he sits on a south beach dine, not site seeing nor a miami jest,
But a seaside frame of the latin borinquen princess, thats all.
He might voyage the gulf, and traverse it. The texan a miami pest.
He is the voyager, the roader, the expeditioner, even tho in multi-fall.

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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