~ A Vagabond Waiting ~ - Poem by Dandy leo jr.

s I walk through the streets of a young night,
hoping and waiting for a small glimpse as she might pass bye in sight,
I grow hungry for food, but more hungry to see her and thirsty for a drink of the waters of her life,
I dont remember how many days and nights it has been since I came here, to this big and unstill city,
Iam a man without a home, without company, once i was abundant, once i was full of alot
wonderful substances. As I sit and wait for the greatest moment in my life, saving my money
and donating blood to survive daily untill she comes and joins me for a cup of cofee.
I spend my sleep with unknown ppl from the street, some are here
becouse of a failed life, some becouse they have no where to go,
some becouse they are full of pain and remoarse.
But me, im here becouse my passion brought me here,
becouse she molded me and created me to be this way,
so i come naked, bare, destroyed, and wasted just for one
opportunity to breath from her skin. Back home i vowed
to exhoust everything in my human ability, every inch of my efforts for
her to look upon me. She tells me to go home, she tells not to
go through all this suffering, but i have reached rock buttom, I
have reached the lowest of all lows, I have hit the very edge of human
survival. Iam a vagabond waiting..........

Poems by Dandy leo jr.

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