12 Versus Of Sorrow And Hope - Poem by vincent armone

Drowning in an ocean filled with fly and maggot infested blood
I scumb to all of our desitny
ONE VERSE the hate infected world

Say I wont live in fear
going to let it happen if it happens
can not stop the inevitable outcome
but to be honest I am just too tired
TWO VERSE so many angry people

So my mind a jumble of fear
sleeps a distant dream
my happiness long gone
these my THREE demons VERSE my waning soul

So far FOUR VERSUS of hopelessness
so angry and sad and grim the words
weres the hope weres the faith
there just under the surface of an all to real world

I know asking yourself, why i so sad
Am I sick, should I grow up
deal with a world that is what it is
so to these questions I say
I give know answer I plead the FIFTH VERSE

Want me to lie say things you want to hear
Smile say the worlds great
the people are fine
write the happy poem you crave
If thats what you want fine
but the truth lies with in the SIXTH VERSE

I guess theres good somewere
maybe open my eyes and open my mind
look at the wonders we have not destroyed
pyramds of giza, the great wall of china
all still there in the SEVENTH VERSE

Then just when all seemed lost
the poet in me awoke for his down beaten path
his thoughts jumped for joy his hope returned

What a feeling to lift the monkey from my back
know more being scared just being me
laughing, living, loving once again whole
here in the NINTH VERSE

Will the earth survie long after we are gone
will flowers bloom and animals romp
will sky clear and rain taste like sweet necture
will all be forgotten
will this TENTH VERSE become fact

So when seems lost and giving up is so right
look with in yes as described above the worlds harsh
people can be cold and ruthless
but it can be beautiful and the people wonderess
like I have been saying all along in the past ELEVEN VERSE

So thats my speech my poem
nothing left to say
get out of this poem what you feel it means
and remember TWELVE VERSES can not solve the worlds problems
only we humans can

Poems by vincent armone

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