A Gift Of A Lift - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

Love is very fragile and life is very frail. We must try to be agile, so as to not fail.

The sun was made by Someone. How else would it be? To think of life without God's no fun. The sun was not made by the sea.

The sea cannot make people. Adam-n-Eve didn't walk from there. For any whose beliefs are feeble, i petition this prayer.

I pray you will believe that Jesus saved your soul. I pray you'll not allow Satan to rob you from being whole.

Through all of my trauma, Jesus has guided my steps. It's true i've lived a drama & He's confided in me when i've wept.

Jesus is for REAL! ! & He is our Gift.  He pleases & He heals & through Him we get a lift.

(July 15,2011)

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