An Accident That Was Not Meant - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

One day at Granny's house, my aunt harmed me bad.
That's the only time I've seen Granny, at her, mad.

We were acting silly, while playing with Q-tips.
I had them in my ears when my eardrum was ripped.

My aunt clapped her hands around my fragile head.
I remember feeling strange, so I sat down on the bed.

Granddad's brother had been missing; a diesel truck, he drove.
With Father, I went for hamburgers, so no one could light the stove.

Riding home from Bonham, I sat in the backseat.
My eardrum was throbbing and I could not think to eat.

My pain was dismissed, and this episode was ignored.
I have suffered from this, with headaches that have roared.

For headaches, I've seen doctors; one even broke my nose.
None of them fixed my problem, as how it often goes.

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