I'Ll Never Forget... My Aunt Nette - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

All throughout my childhood 'Aunt Nette' was there to smile and make me laugh. Of all the things I've been grateful for, one was that my 'Aunt Nette' I did have.

I was proud to push her wheelchair; she'd smile as we rolled.
That she'd be here forever's been my prayer; I'd hoped to see her old.

She rarely ever complained, not even when she hurt.
She was always kind to me, never treating me as dirt.

Born in 1952, she was here when I was born.
I never imagined this world without her. Writing now, I mourn.

I love my Aunt Jeanette. She touched my life indeed.
As I grew through childhood, she's one that I did need.

Easy, she was to talk to. She'd listen as she smiled.
When Granddad teased her about having boyfriends, she would sure get riled.

Many memories about 'Aunt Nette' I'm now thankful that I've got.
Now that she's in Heaven, I miss 'Aunt Nette' a lot.

Though 'Aunt Nette' had Cerebral Palsy, she was very smart.
Carefully, she looked at life and though she was small, she had a lot of heart.

She loved paging through magazines. I enjoyed watching her turn each page. So young my 'Aunt Nette' was; 54's her age.

As a child she attended school; I know she loved to go.
Aunt Nette would cheer me up whenever I felt low.

When we kids would slack off, leaving dishes to be done...
... 'Aunt Nette' would do them for us. I think she found it fun.

I loved to hear her laugh. Her laugh was like no other.
I know she'll also be missed by my little sis and brother.

I used to cut her hair. She often asked me to.
I received lots of practice. And pleasing 'Aunt Nette' was not hard to do.

We used to go to movies in the afternoons.
She'd sit beside us children, watching our cartoons.

Never will I forget her sweet, angelic grin.
Though she had an enormous appetite, she managed to stay thin.

When I had my children, she held them, showing love.
'Aunt Nette' no longer suffers, and I think she's smiling from Above.

Shopping trips made her eyes light up with glee.
Praise Jesus that at this moment, my dear 'Aunt Nette' is free.

Though the attendance to her Memorial cannot be my part -
- I'll honor her from here and she'll stay forever in my heart.

I'm thankful that my son will be there to guide and hold her casket.
Though I know she suffered throughout her life, she always seemed to mask it.

I miss 'Aunt Nette' though I've not seen her in a while.
Never will I forget her sweet, angelic smile.

Poems by C. Dawn Campbell

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