Mothers' Day & 'Granny James' - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

My mind is very tired, but I would like to write.
There are so many things I'd like to try'n cite.

I'd like to spit it all out now.
I'd like to say it here.
But to say it all, I'm not sure how,
‘Cuz of all the doubts and fears.

I'll begin with the weekend we just had;
I certainly hold it dear.
I love my husband I call 'Dad.'
And I'm thankful that he's near.

This Mother's Day,2004 was one of the best times of my life.
Now only does Dave call me 'Mom' but also, he says 'Wife.'

Traveling's what we love to do and love it very much.
Today I had a lot of fun with our inexpensive lunch.

Now, driving home after a weekend of sun and fun I'm sure glad I am here. I'm so glad that our move is done, and that we're getting near.

Retirement is just up ahead, and that is both our goals. I'm so thankful for this blessed weekend, and what we both now know.

We seek to know about a soul who grew up in Ozark County. The things we've learned, we're grateful for, ‘cuz her soul was such a bounty.

Ms. Della James, she's touched us both, and we love her dear sweet soul. She was someone so filled with love, and her heart appeared quite whole.

Saturday morning we stopped in West Plains to research the date she died. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful, so to find her burial plot, we tried.

We stopped at one where we thought she'd be.
Though, her grave we did not see.

Undeterred by this, we'd try again, which was our new endeavor. When we read the writings by Ms. Della James, we think she was so clever.

Once we finished with our work, we decided to stay and camp. Dawt Mill is where we chose to stay, and we're so glad it wasn't damp.

At Sunday noon, we took a float, canoeing down the Northfork. Our 'Granny James' has done this float, which has been her report.

The kind folks who worked at the mill gave us both some tips. 'The James Cemetery' was the tidbit from their lips.

So after our float we took a drive up to the cemetery.
This entire weekend was productive, and, hardly, did we tarry.

We did not have to look too far to find our 'Granny's' grave. Front and center is where it is; Ms. Della we think was brave.

We do admire this woman lots and wish she was still here. It is apparent from her writings that her life was dear. We feel those who knew her were lucky she was near.

This Mother's Day has been so blessed, partly due to 'Granny James.' And also, I'll say, because I'm proud to be my husband's dame.

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