An Ode To Bobby Jack - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

I miss you, Granddad. Someday I will see you.
I'm pleased part of my story is of things we once did do.

My favorite place was Dog Patch. You took us there so much.
I'm looking forward to getting to Heaven, where none of our words will punch.

I loved going to school in Ector, to come and see you and Granny during lunch. So cozy was y'all's living room, especially in the winter; I miss it a whole bunch.

I watched many, many game shows, because of you great two.
I wonder how long this world does have. It seems it's almost through.

Thank you for many times you pulled over for us to slide many times down a water slide. And also for the times you participated when we kids played seek and hide.

You have precious children who love you very much.
Thank you for making, so often, our breakfast and lunch.

I miss your grilled-cheese sandwiches, with cheese scorched and bubbled up. I loved your many canine friends you raised since just a pup.

Thank you for all the times you saddled up that great black horse you named, 'Cocoa.' It's partly because of you that I go just as I go.

With you and Granny life felt safe. I've enjoyed being in y'all's care. Thank you for taking us kids to church and placing value upon prayer.

A favored time was shopping at the 'New' Montgomery Wards in Sherman for paint. The moments and words that say about you only go as quaint.

So many times in Arlington, you've gone with the family to Six Flags. You drove us to McKinney to buy fabric that Granny transformed into clothes from those new rags.

We'd usually stop for Tacos on the way back home.
Thank you for the great times that go now in my tome.

Every summer you used to buy and set up for us the 'funnest' plastic or rubber pool. You're one of those people us kids all thought was cool.

You used to dropp us off at the skating rink, while we'd ride in the back of your truck. I was kissed for the first time one of those nights that made me think, 'Oh, yuck! '

You'd let us bring a friend when you took us on vacation.
If it weren't for you, I might have more frustration.

You taught me how to love, by loving in return.
Although I'm no longer a child, for you I do still yearn.

You took us on short and long vacations to Hot Springs National Park.
You'd help us all catch lightning bugs once it would get dark.

You've fixed a many bike, and even test for us.
Getting thrown over the handle bars didn't even make you cuss.

You'd sing CHRISTmas carols and hide colored eggs at Easter.
And when we kids acted terrible, you'd rarely bust our keester.

You watched us play our ballgames which included basketball.
You'd buy new trampoline mats, so through the netting, we'd not fall.

You always had us a basketball goal, and with you, we've played H.O.R.S.E. You'd wear your cowboy boots. You're 'one of the last greats, ' of course.

You didn't judge me for mistakes I shamefully did.
You'd help Granny bake. And you were so great to my kid.

I love the time you took me, Granny and Sinsa to Arizona. Sometimes it's like a dream. You'd take us to restaurants where wait staff wore kimonos. I loved your stories that did make me scream.

Since I was just a tot, I'd sleep in your t-shirts.
You planted the greatest gardens, tilling up so much dirt.

You were always respectful to my male friends and didn't even act mad at Chris. Although it's been nearly a decade since I've seen you, you I do still miss.

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