A Christmas Story (2007) - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

Split peas are cooking in the crock; our children have gone home.
The last week of '07, with them we walked. We're glad they're in our tome.

Our home's been filled with chatter. We're saddened they have left.
It's hard to picture Christmas better. This one felt the best.

Only two dinners were not shared at the table in our home.
Hometown Buffet is where one was shared, while in St. Louis we did roam.

Our family arrived Thursday evening. We met them at the office.
With them we shared stories with our sweets and coffee.

We fixed them up a room at the local motel.
Sadness now looms. Them, we wish we could tell.

Once they settled in, they visited our place.
We sat around the kitchen table smiling at each face.

Johnny's Amber's husband and Amber is our daughter.
Every time we see these guys, they act as if they're smarter.

They have two precious angels for whom we are so grateful.
It's nice getting together when no one is acting hateful.

Zachary is our oldest grandson and Christian is his brother.
Fond, both of them are, of their precious mother.

We all ate our stew. And Me did eat some, too.
In only three full days, there's a lot we did do.

For dessert we had birthday cake after singing Jesus a song.
Because this day was packed, it seemed to last so long.

After eating dinner, we watched "A Christmas Story."
Johnny and Christian fell asleep. Amber said Johnny was snoring.

Zack watched intently, with a big smile upon his face.
Through their Christmas presents, our children did not race.

Politely, our kids sat down while opening their gifts.
The focus was on Zack, so we thought Christian could use a lift.

We bought Zack a BB gun, and it was a Red Ryder.
He'd had no idea since his Grampa had said, "I think we should hide ‘er."

Never before had our kiddos seen this movie.
This added to the joy and made our time feel groovy.

We got Christian the game of Life. As a child, it was my fave.
For the most part, our grandkids acted well behaved.

Friday afternoon we all headed to Potosi.
We wanted to get a gift for Christian, so he, too, would feel cozy.

We were going to get a bicycle, until we heard he had three.
Favorable remarks had come from his dad about air hockey.

In Wal-Mart, I misplaced my husband, who'd been paying for a table.
To pull off this surprise, he did not think he'd be able.

For lunch, we had McDonald's, because it was the boys' request.
This holiday was filled with joy and one of the best.

We had lunch before going to Wal-Mart, where we'd all searched for Dave. I bought Dave some jammies, since it's nice when these are gave.

On the way home we stopped at Awe Right General Store.
We had to buy some pies, and now we need some more.

Keith and Brenda are some friends we introduced to our kids.
We then hurried home so Johnny could give a bid.

Johnny knows how to build storage units made of steel.
That our kids were here truly was a thrill.

For dinner we ate pot roast and then just sat and talked.
It was fun to hang around and get to go for walks.

We surprised Christian with his table and Zachary got a gift.
We bought a Christmas ornament to give him a lift.

On the ornament was a saying that's fun to shout.
And there was a picture of Ralphie hearing mom say, "You'll shoot your eye out."

Saturday we met at work, and Dave built us a fire.
Cherished is our family. It's as good as one could acquire.

Christian played with Me. He ran and held her leash.
My favorite thing at Hometown Buffet was the spinach quiche.

We had chili dogs at home at our kitchen table.
Our family time was great since everyone seemed stable.

After lunch we went to Meramec Springs so Zack could shoot his gun.
We saw deer and trout and also had much fun.

We saw an eagle sitting in a tree.
Dave took a picture and showed it to me.

We drove to Woodson Woods so Zack could shoot his gun.
By that time it was chilly, since gone was then the sun.

We stopped at the country club, where we all shot some pool.
Since I'm a beginner, I feared I'd be a fool.

I did beat Johnny, though it's because he scratched.
We're thankful for our family, and that it has been patched.

Amber beat me badly and Johnny did beat her.
Dave did play them both, though I can't recall what the results were.

Zachary played Christian, and Dave and Johnny played them too.
We then watched the shuffleboard game, as it was played by two.

A big gun lay on the table as we all watched wide eyed.
It's nice going with the flow, while enjoying the ride.

When we got back to town, to Country Mart we did go.
Taco salad was planned for dinner and I forgot Cilantro.

Since this store was out, Amber bought Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream.
This visit from our children, felt, to us, a dream.

We all ate taco salad, except Zack, who was getting ill.
While shooting his gun, he'd gotten a chill.

On the drive up, he'd gotten sick and by now he did not feel good.
Without one complaint the entire weekend, patiently, he stood.

After dinner we played cards; Christian beat us all.
Sunday morning we went to the City, though not to the mall.

We interviewed a guy in Arnold, for our Classic Buildings boss.
Then we met Aunt Sharon at a store that looked like Voss.

We drove to a buffet, which Zack could barely eat.
Christian smiled real big as he ate a many treat.

Aunt Sharon talked with Amber. They caught up on the past.
This was a happy time. We hope it will last.

We went to the Transportation Museum. It was about to close.
So we hung around outside staring at an airplane's nose.

We also watched the dogs, as they played with the boys.
We're hoping to go back again to check out all the toys.

We drove to Grampa Bud's house, so the kids could learn their roots.
We then went to the cemetery. We could tell they gave two hoots.

Amber walked directly to their marker. Her eyes went straight to it. 'Me' and D'og played together; lessened was their fit.

Aunt Sharon and D'og said goodbye and we piled in the car.
We then went to a store that makes you feel you're far.

At Global Foods we walked and shopped and found some great tea.
Zack's energy was robbed, though he hung in patiently.

At last we left and then stopped at Dollar Tree.
Only going in, was Amber, Dave and me.

Zack felt too sick and Christian appeared tired.
Normally he's energetic. This time he was not wired.

We tried for Harbor Freight, though already it was closed.
The drive home was nice and peaceful, as our grandsons dozed.

In Eureka we looked at lights since Jellystone was still lit up.
We then went to the store, where Dave poured hot chocolate in a cup.

Dave and Amber began debating. I never even dreamt of hintin' -
- that both of us easily rile when speaking of a Clinton.

By the time we got to Cuba, Zack's skin was very hot.
Acetaminophen and a thermometer, Dave & I then bought.

102.3 was the degree to cause us worry.
Zack reluctantly took his pills and we drove home in a hurry.

We picked up our truck from work and the kids went to their space.
They then came right over to watch a Christmas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase.

We ate our new ice cream and popped some Schwan's popcorn.
Now that they're all gone, it feels as if we mourn.

Monday around noon, the kids came home to eat.
All meals at our table, we kept the same seat.

Amber sat in Dave's seat. I sat in my own.
Dave sat at the end, on a stool that's overgrown.

Zachary said the blessing. For his family, he thanked Jesus.
We thank Him for them, too. Oh, how He does please us.

The peas in our new Christmas crock from Amber we have ate.
We're pleased by what this year has brought. It has been so great.

One night while at the table, Christian began to whine.
Dave left the room for something he sought to find.

Johnny said, "Uh-Oh, better watch it. Paw-Paw's getting his belt."
Dave handed Johnny a yellow stick, authorizing him to pelt.

The whooping stick was left, accidentally, it would seem.
The kids text messaged on the way home, saying the stick could not be seen.

A picture of the stick was then sent to our children's phone.
Around 10: 00 p.m., our kiddos made it home.

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