My Colorful Life - Poem by C. Dawn Campbell

When I was born in '72, I was colored insecure.
Thanks to Jesus Christ, I've now been colored pure.

I've been colored a mama.
I've been colored a survivor who's overcome trauma.

I've been colored a court reporter, learning to write steno.
I've been colored so broke I couldn't find a quarter, coloring me low.

In the year 2000, I was colored a happy wife.
I've been colored with forgiveness, appreciating life.

I've colored myself with makeup since I was so young.
I've been colored with peacefuness because I've overcome.

I was colored as a salesman in 2005.
I'm colored a Christian who's glad to be alive.

I colored my eyelids white when I was eleven.
I was colored a CASA volunteer in 2007

I've been colored a biker who's ridden across states.
Because of Jesus Christ, my life's been colored great.

In 2008, my life got colored busy.
I've been colored my own attorney, which has led to a tizzy.

I rescued five Mini-Schnauzers, coloring me crazy.
I'm also colored thankful that I wasn't colored lazy.

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