Hope - Poem by Areena Arora

A little hope
and a little dream
all I want is a chance
a little trust and I know it will be me
for the sky is where I have to be.

I got hopes in me
I got a vision
I look high,
I look to the sky
then with all my strength
I smile away the fear
little steps I took
and reached the top.

For always I knew
I had a long walk ahead
be me alone
my way was tough
I had to walk,
and yes I did
I did smile

I walked with passion
and with dreams
to live what was mine
and be me happy,
I walked
and Oh'!
what I felt!
around me was just magic
a little sunshine
I was breathing
again was me living
and now was the time
I waited always for
the time was mine
stars were down,
all within me reach

for this time
I smiled,
and the world too with me.

Poems by Areena Arora

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