Wedding Anniversary Wishes -Bhaiya Bhabhi :) - Poem by Priya Arora

On the very blissful day,
day of life.

My bro blessed with wonderful person,
by accepting her as his wife.

Wonderful she is,
so as my bro.

Person carrying beautiful heart,
her concern all show.

Wish to say thanks to you bhabhi-
for being bestest support and firm believe for my bro.

Love and affection for relations-
in your gesture all show.

May love of your both blossom always,
and will always it grow.

Beautiful Heart you carry,
your concern all show.

More than a daughter in-law, you acted as my dear,
Every reason you gave to keep you so near.

So near to the heart, where no grudges reside,
keeping the relations so safe and moving ahead in your life.

Love you so much for more than that i can say,
so close to my heart-and your concern for me all say.

Bhabhi you being so special,
so special in our life.

you proved to be the bestest,
bestest as an wife.

May life of your both
be filled with fragrance.

Fragrance of love all through.
May god fullfills all your desire, all your dreams do come true.

Ample of thoughts and wishes,
would love to jot down.

Briefing just by saying-
you both deserve best couple's crown.

Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Poems by Priya Arora

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