Hard To Hope - Poem by Stabby Ray Arsenault

I'm so tired of this cold world,
I cant seem to do anything right.
After 18 year's I finally found someone who made me feel.
She made me feel thing's I have never felt before.
She cared for me for who I am and didn't judge me for the thing's I did but I fucked it up.
Everything in my world is black,
I am so numb that all I can feel anymore is sorrow.
Time has broken me, Im not who I use to be
and I cant seem to find the man I once was.
I need help but no one is ever there when I could use them.
Every time I try to commit suicide I cant follow threw with it,
I have tried many time's......
I stand on life's edge but I just cant jump.
Every time I try I get vision's of what has made me Happy threw my life and it give's me a lil hope,
A lil strength to hold on.
But over time these vision's fade away and it get's harder and harder to keep hoping.

Poems by Stabby Ray Arsenault

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