A Short Love Story - Poem by m just lost

after this remorseful beginning of day
when v both dnt know actually what to say
here's dis
things all clinched in ma heart
kindly listen to it part by part
THERE was a boy and a gal
both in love, living together har pal
sharing every happiness and sadness
and even also anger and guilt
up to dis level, their relation was build
both r 21 and have full access to mistakes
it is like boy completes every dream gal takes
gal was cute, poet and love to make boy angry
bcj after anger, she gets sea of love
she thinks of everything differentely
and boy supports her
gal just want with him a chota sa ghar
now d boy, who s cute and delicate
just now by here, he s d perfect mate
D part of boy is unable to express
bcj reciter is his gf herself
still can tell, a lot about him
phone(gal) is nothing wdout (him) sim
a bit hyper
a bit cute
gets angry
when gal gets mute
smarty he looks
mature he behaves
whan gal s asleep
still he stays awakes
trust the gal
make her feel like cindrella
when comes rain of pain and problem
he protects her like umbrella
everything was great, life goes on happily
but who can turn fate, happiness is dere but make it merely
let me tell u story of a day bad
which maked both gal and boy sad
full story...is not worth telling
that was really day bad...just know
gal and boy in their own mind
maked each other wrong
didn't even talked about it
even didn't gave chance to explain
now not even they want to hear
but also wan to have that back
tell me the end of dis story
m waiting for u beneath third row of library rack
pls help me to get us back
we both belong to same stack
dnt make ma heart crack

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