Just In 2 Minutes.. - Poem by m just lost

crushed from ma books
now m here
even twitter seems bore
have to mention
last two minutes of ma day
just want to know
how people make kickass day
ma roomie and i have
an awkward cold war
now she has 1 thing in her mind
why should i start...why she get always a star
ohh wait
the person i love
he is sleeping but he thinks m asleep
i lied to him..it makes me much more creep
the room next to me
i think it has a loud speaker
even if she talks to her bf
i can have it all hear
i mean we
me and ma room mate
we do it together
but ryt now
she is hot and m rain
totally different weather
its now next day
still don't know what future brings
i should go sleep now
ma life
its a solved cluster of rings

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