'E. K. L. Gallery' - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

The project,
With the muse of my art works;
More than three decades ago! !
'E. K. L. Gallery',
Showing my art works to the world;
With the muse of my poetry,
The poetry of my life.

The muse of life and the ways of love;
Prepared for any difficulties!
And to humble myself with the muse of my style to the world.
Passage, message!
With the symposiums of my life to the world;
Open to the general public,
Like the muse of a reader with my works.

These art works!
With the muse of the poetry of my life;
More than three decades ago,
With th unfinished business and the unfinished agenda.
A speech!
With the works of my muse;
Exposing my art works to the workd through, 'E. K. L. Gallery'.

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