'Felanitx' - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

'Felanitx', lax, axe, tax, next, let, fate, ant, axel, Alex, latex;
And to fulfil that which was spoken through the prophets! !
But, you're well protected by my love.

'Felanitx', neat, eat, Felix, lean, an, it, fit, tail, nail, at, an, fin;
With words of love in the land of peace!
But, you need to protect yourself always in whatever you do.

'Felanitx', flint, fix, net, ten, fat, feat, felt, tea, ate, flea, ale;
Moving around and trying to understand the world!
For, hatred had now taken over the muse of love.

'Felanitx', late, line, tan, flat, fan, fax, lane, tin, flex, flax, fine;
Of peace and love in the land of care!
But, try to do your best always in this life.

Poems by Edward Kofi Louis

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