'Boateng Brothers' - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

World Cup!
South Africa 2010,
The 'Boateng Brothers' met for the first time in a World Cup Match;
With, 'Jerome Baoteng' playing for Germany and,
'Kevin Prince Boateng' plying for Ghana!
And, Germany won the match (1 - 0) .

World Cup! !
With two brothers playing for different national teams;
And, they became the first brothers to don the colours of different countries!
When they faced each other on the 23rd of June 2010 in South Africa.

Brazil 2014! !
With the muse of the 'Boateng Brothers' meeting again in a World Cup Match;
Again in the same month!
On the 21st of June 2014,
With Germany and Ghana locking horns once again;
On the same pitch.

The 'Boateng Brothers'! !
With the same father but different mothers;
They were both born in Berlin, Germany!
And, they progressed through life to become footballers;
Playing today for different antional teams.

Brazil 2014! !
World Cup 2014;
And, the match ended up 2 - 2!
Between Germany and Ghana,
With great satisfaction and absolute performance in the match.

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