'Bomb-Bay' - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

'Bomb-Bay' oh Bombay! !
Of the tears of many eyes that saw your dead;
With killers in Jeans and T-Shirts.
The 'Taj Mahal Palace' was in flames!
And, why should people hate others so much like this?

The horror of bombs and the death people that was recorded,
Oh India! ! Why should this occur to you?
'Bomb-Bay' oh Bombay! Of the terrorists acts against you;
Mumbai oh Mumbai, then came the explosions on................
The Metro Cinema,
The Cama and Albless Hospital,
The Trident Oberi Hotel,
The Chowpatly Beach,
The Administrative Office in Mimbai,
The Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital,
The Chhatrapati-Shivaji Main Station,
The State Bank of India,
The Leopald Cafe,
The Taj-Mahal-Hotel,
And the Nariman House.

Bombs were on Bombay like 'Bomb-Bay'!
But many people died at the main station and the Taj-Mahal-Hotel;
It was a sad news on this sad day of many bombs!
Why Mumbai? In the land of the Hindus.

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