'Je Suis Charlie' - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

'Nous Sommes Tous Charlie'
The earth,
Our earth;
Terror! !
With hatred in the hearts of mankind.
'Je Suis Charlie'!
To shoot,
To kill,
What next?
With the ways of mankind like the days of Cain and Abel;
And, Cain killed Abel.
This act of life had never brought us peace!
No, not all;
It rather leads to anger, vengeance and war.
To shoot! !
To kill the one you call your enemy;
But, think before you act!
Yes, think deeply in your heart before you act;
Because, when the rain falls, it doesn't fall on one man's house.
'Nous Sommes Tous Charlie'!
Why do we hate each other?
Why have we adopted the education of hatred in out hearts? !
The act,
To shoot and kill;
Which leads to the destruction of mankind,
And now, you are on the run hiding somwhere.
'Je Suis Charlie'!
And death came around unexpected to some people in Paris;
Because of the terror attack.

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