Flicker Of Hope - Poem by Gita Ashok

As night smoothly sheds
her black veil,
dawn slowly creeps in –
leaving behind
dreams incomplete.

As life fades
into deep oblivion,
death stealthily steps in –
leaving behind
many tasks undone.

But between the dark night
and a bright dawn
and between unfinished life
and interrupting death,
there’s always something for us…
a ray of light
at the end of a dark winding tunnel,
a flicker of hope -
that dreams may be realized;
that life’s mission may be accomplished.

Hope – our very own friend
that makes
each new dawn
bring in its wake…
a new beginning,
a brand new life,
new actions to take,
new destinations to reach and
newer challenges to face…

28 July 2010
10: 00 am

Poems by Gita Ashok

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