Eyes Of A Stranger - Poem by Daegal

There’s a crack in the rainbow,
There’s a hole in the sky,
Everything I once believe in
Turned into a lie.

No jokes from the jester,
No laugh from the clown,
It’s now my whole world’s
Suddenly upside down.

Sedative words on walls,
Straightjacket memoirs,
Needle-point obsession
Et les coeurs noirs.

A prophet riding waves
Painted on the sea,
A pious man of earth
Shall no more be me.

There’s a fractured mirror stood,
Propped against the wall,
I see their gazes staring back
A mystic from the fall.

My shaking hands could write,
My trembling breaths could steal,
My shaky voice could warn,
But I’m lashed onto the wheel.

I dwell on how and why,
Looking at the danger,
But in the end, I’m victim to
The eyes of a stranger.


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