When I Reach Heaven - Poem by Daniel McDonagh

At last, when I reach heaven
The gates will open wide
Were angels will be dressed in the colors
Of emerald green and white.

St.Peter will stand before me
And extend to me his hand
And he will welcome me to join
The saints of dear old Ireland.

Heavens path will be covered in gold
Onto which St.Patrick will walk
He will talk to me about the east end of Glasgow
Were I was the shepherd to St.Mary's flock.

The poor of Ireland I embraced in my heart
While I wiped away their tears
I entrusted their spirit to Our Lord
Who would comfort them in their fears.

But, many a smile I saw on their faces
As their prayers had all been answered
For when Glasgow Celtic took to the field
Gone were the despairs and sorrows.

Poems by Daniel McDonagh

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