Fireworks Of Love - Poem by Michael P. McParland

When I saw you and you saw me
a spark ignited fireworks of true love,
a bond grew so fast before we knew
now here we are tried and true.
If we just talk it through
we'll find the happiness to beat the blues.
Be in each others arms feeling pride
in all we say and do.
Fireworks of true love explode
because we're just so cool.

We explode in such awesome passion
because what we feel for each other
is in such rare exsistence and fashion.
We hold a deep connection that
gives true hope and life because we're soulmates,
best of all is that we're best friends
making all we feel that much better.
My sweet Kira our fireworks are
so much brighter than any others.
We are the most unique and beyond earthly comprehension,
we are a heavenly force to last forever.

Fireworks of true love between our souls
sweet one that can't be matched by anyone.
I love you immensely and I love you true
just as I know you love me too,
everytime I think of you or feel you near
that spark ignites and fireworks alight.
An eternity for us to burn lies await,
I love you Angel Kira and hope to spend
a blissful time with forever with my only one.

Poems by Michael P. McParland

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