Before Abraham Was, I Existed - Poem by Richard Merrell

Yeshua is Lord, El Gibbor is He
Listen not unto the liar who says, 'This cannot be'
For many shall come unto you, to steal your eternal life
Satan's emissaries of lies, wrath, destruction and strife.
They will come, yes they will come, to argue and deceive;
But stand firm thou man of God, on what thou dost believe.

For truth will always speak this wise, ever it shall be
'Yeshua died and rose again' because He lovest thee.
But the foolish and vainglorious seek to bring Yeshua down
For they know not of God's Son, 'Before Abraham was, I EXISTED

Proverbs 8: 22-30; John 1: 1; John 8: 58

Poems by Richard Merrell

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