The Wind - Poem by Sara Militello

Oh wind; that in moods restless
blows so ceaseless and free
stirs to frenzy the mightiest
undulating waves of the sea!

Even the strongest vessels, reeling
often succumb to the strife;
go protesting to a soggy keeling
to begin a new phase in life.

Many times in wonder and awe
have I seen your moods decide
who sails on; who to a hungry maw
that's gone in the closing tide.

Not alone in restless meanness
but upon the summer glide
I've seen you in grounded stillness
even as you so subtly guide the tide.

And also this:
your name reminds me
of lyrical poems I yearn to know.
How varied are your restive sprees.
How fierce yet gently you blow.

May 3,2003

Poems by Sara Militello

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