A Toast To Love - Poem by Sara Militello

My dearest it's time to lift glass
without recourse to guile
This moment too shall pass
in just a little while

It seems right our love
should fit like a boot
Match in a way even night
wouldn't try to render moot

Like leaves with no sense of barren
even as they lose their hold
and drop to the ground akin
to carpet the Earth in a patina of gold
They knew when they became, they'd soon go

It's written in precise intent
Now falling to and fro
the end is seen just as Heaven-sent
and my love for you grows

Even as, in a calm as the falling snow
I'm coolly aware I must soon go
So Dear, let's not think alas
Nor consider it unkind to meet
this time with a certain class

letting the love between us find
it sings to us from here
even as it makes a start
toward somewhere else near

(August 31,1992)

Poems by Sara Militello

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