Moonlit Calm - Poem by Sara Militello

On a moonlit calmed evening shore,
a breeze wafting over the moon's
rosy rise and traffic noise fading
to a muted roar
there by the ebbing fluid tide,
a careless guest,
bemoaning the quiet there
on that peaceful beach,
shattered the calm with a tinny
revel air;
then was silenced by the plaintive
wail of somewhere, a train whistle
sounding forlorn as,
groaning on its darkening rail
it rounded a sharp bend
and met its own horn.
I waited for the night to reclaim
its calm,
then for the morning's uncertain glow
to become a bright paisley realm
and a scrappier tune blow;
The charged aura of the sun's gold
altering from forlorn to roar
the train's whistle
into its wonted bold.

August 26,1997

Poems by Sara Militello

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