My Eyes - Poem by Faet Luate

I have been used, dumped, and cheated on, so many times, I stopped counting.
No one knows that, just me.
I know everyone’s pain.
I am a walking painkiller.
Everyone says
‘You are so easy to talk to.’
I just smile and nod,
Yeah, right
I do not talk my hate or pain away.
I cannot hate, it takes too much effort.
I cannot talk off my pain, too much pain.
I am not a typical chic, who vents a lot of bits,
I tell it through my eyes, and my cuts.
Everyone is amazed at how calm I am.
I am chill,
However, have you taken a glance at my eyes lately?
You will be surprised with what you find.

Poems by Faet Luate

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