The Ballad Of A Man Named Zach - Poem by J.D Lynch

It was a wet, humid April night where our story unfolds
We see Zach driving down the street, a dark skinned tall man, his demeanor cold
A strike of lightning as wind and hail pound the pavement
His departure and reason known by many, it needs no statement
Inside his car, the bass blasts while the wind whistles in metronome
His breath toxic, his speech slurred, he won't be going home
For a man of his association, his brain is smart and his heart is wide
But combined with the rest of his traits, of no rules does he abide
The speedometer exhausted, engine straining, tires slipping fiercely
A turn coming ahead and the sight of light, the beam piercing
Of pavement none is left, seatbelt to his side, the music stops
Last thing he remembers is being home fighting with Karen, calling the cops

Eleven months have passed and Zach's eye's again learn to see
His ears learn to hear, his nose to smell, his brain to think, his body to be
Karen is over his bed, whimpering, spouting tears of joy
His fingers move back and forth and he enjoys them like a child's toy
Karen's tears increase, now like the rain that pushed Zach's car into the ditch
Or that he was there in the first place to ditch that miserable bitch
His mouth learns to speak and in using it he wastes no time
'Karen it's over, leave me alone forever this time'
Karen's salty tears flood the room as she gets up to leave
As she opens the door Zach os knocked into the river again able to breathe
His wounds healed, he walks right out of the hospital in a gown
In the lobby he sees Karen who sadly would turn around
She screams 'I waited by your bedside for eleven months for you to wake'
Zach shouts 'You wasted your time and from you eleven months is no break'
Still in his gown, bad memories back, he hires a cab away
He breathes in and out and greedily takes in the warm late March day
Cabbie asks where he's headed and he gives directions to Haylee
The cabbie drives and makes small talk about Mayor Daley
Halfway to her house he stops at a thrift store to buy some clothes
He realizes he has no money, but throws some on and goes
Looking sharp, they get to Haylee's, the cabbie wants his bread
Zach punches him twice in the face and the cabbie leaves instead
Knock knock on Haylee's knocker and the door swings
And Zach is greeted by the sight of but air and Haylee's things
No soul present, his legs learn anxiety, but slowly he creeps inside
Karen greets him, gun pointed at him, and says 'Goodbye'

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