Beautiful Day - Poem by Ruth L. Rivers

As I stumble over a friends neatly written script
Words tumble down over all the other dancing bits
Refresh these tangled and twisted thirsting roots
Wash out the used and the past abused truths
Reminding synapses of hope nearly enlightened
Having recoiled too often, being too frightened
Open to me are ways that passion used to flow
Doors that I used to open and rotate back closed
Brushing over years of lost dusty rooted dreams
The tenderly delivered reminders calm the scream
Nobody owes me a life immersed in selfish disbelief
There's no system that can break which I call free
Each day is a reminder of all that has not been done
All the hours accumulate to lighten where I’ve come
Did I not know the path would grow ever weary?
Were not my steps firmly placed and eyes bleary?
Choices my mind or hand positioned in the balance
Between friends are debated my firmly laid plans
Ever the less stable in the skirmishes of the hours
Guidance a fatal weapon by the struggle over power
Lending an ear or a hand or a heart to the each day
By some mode I will either find or be forced on my way
So no glory is brought to the end of my mulled thinking
A finale will not be unearthed after time tinkering
But I leave while I can get out of my parched mind
Maybe this will have been a beautiful day with time
By Ruth L. Rivers July 16,2009

Poems by Ruth L. Rivers

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