Identity Crisis - Poem by David Semenske

I'm dazed and confused
I'm tired of being used
It is not me that you see
It is just your fantasy
It's an identity crisis
An identity crisis

Work all day for my pay
doing it the bosses way
At night I'm a fright
Wondering if all is right
It's an identity crisis
an identity crisis

Weekends here need a beer
Gotta get out of here
On the road one my hog
Acting like a dog
It's and identity crisis
An Identity crisis

All weekend long having fun
Riding in the sun
Seeing sights that I like
While sitting on my bike
It's and Identity crisis
An identity crisis

Sunday night come
The fun is done
Sleeping in my home
Feeling like a drone
It's an Identity crisis
An identity crisis

Poems by David Semenske

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