Three Poems Of Hadaa Sendoo - Poem by Hadaa Sendoo


In the flaming Gobi
welcoming the last day of golden fall
a herdsman drives a camel forward
and with it, a hound
Is their journey distant from mine?
as that boundless Gobi joins the sky
on the tallest hump...

that becomes a Mongolian yurt
while my eyes are dazzled on this
Mongolian plain
while the bonny green empire in my soul
never fell down...
Is the pure white Mongolian yurt
not my last real home?

The Wind

Coming naked
Leaving naked
When we were born
There was the wind alone

When we die
there will be the wind alone
in my dreams
You have stroked my dry hair

And passed through
Hopeless stone markers
Of national boundaries
You pass over the land
With nothing

You have kissed the quiet sky
Roaring your contempt
Where will the fragrance of the wind go
Where will the retribution of the wind come from

We know nothing about
The weeping wind
The wandering wind
The singing wind


Hunger likes to kiss bread
A refugee likes to kiss his native land

Snowflakes like to kiss grassland
I like to kiss my sweetheart

Raindrops like to kiss soil
and poems like to kiss my soul

Your kiss is as clear as the dewdrops
Your kiss is as pure as the frosty flowers

Submitted: Saturday, January 03,2009
Edited: Saturday, August 01,2015

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