Life Is Beautiful - Poem by Tarun Sharma

Woke up by singing mother
Sitting in the lap of father
Enjoying the warmth in granny's arms
I feel delightful
I believe- life is beautiful

Playing with friends
Getting together hands on hand
Running on grass barefoot
I feel cheerful
Yes! I believe- life is beautiful

Burning midnight oil
Bringing your temper to boil
No games, no play, no fun
I feel fearful
May be- life is beautiful

Results, success, celebrations
And here come the vacations
Gossiping and chatting with friends
I feel cheerful
Wow! - life is beautiful

Sometimes feeling alone
Hoping someone to be there
And waiting and waiting always
I feel lonely
But still I believe- life is beautiful

Here comes the flash
Holding her in my hands
Swinging round the wings
And feeling the warmth of her breath
I believe- life is beautiful

Then comes the time
Your loving ones leave you behind
This is the truth of life
I feel tears
Is it true- life is beautiful?

Then I realize
What are we running for?
Living together is the all we need
Now I feel I am missing someone
But i hope- life is beautiful

Laying down, tired on fallen leaves
Looking the sunshine
Listening to air through the dying ears
I feel my last breath
I believe this and the coming- life is beautiful

No, I'll never give up 'coz I know
Indeed- life is beautiful!

Poems by Tarun Sharma

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