Desiderata - Poem by Uloia Norris Moore

He looked up
at the lofty crown
of the pine tree
through which shone
one or two of the
brightest stars
and felt a new
comradeship with it

It was a great tree
he thought
and they had
grown up together

He laid his hardened
palm on it
and fancied that he
caught a throb of the
silent vitality under
the bark

How many kinds
of life there were

Under its white shroud
how all the valley lived

The tree stretching
up its head to the
the river preparing
to throw off
the icy armor which
compressed its heart
they were all awakening
in their own way

The river had been restless
like himself
the tree had been tranquil
but they passed together
through this resurrection
into quiet life

Well deserved

Poems by Uloia Norris Moore

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