Beautiful Monkeys - Poem by Fred Nwaozor

An atmosphere filled
With derailed homosapiens
People of the underworld
From unrefined numenclatures
Bunch of monkeys who think
Beauty is derived from
Mere artificial idiosyncrasies.

A biased congregation
Selected from the
Innermost part of the earthcrust.
An arena filled with mud and clay
Beautified with problematic elements.

The dust in the dustbins
The wastes from the industries
The shit from the bellies
The oil-spills from the refineries
The wasted generation.

When will you be delivered?
When will your prayers be answered?
When will you be closer to nature?
When is your social transition?
When will you be natural and pure?

The refineries are waiting for you
So you would be refined
To embrace your awaiting blessings.
Behold, you are Impure.
And need to be purified!

Poems by Fred Nwaozor

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